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“The Board of School District 46 affirms its commitment to Indigenous Peoples and Reconciliation by building relationships and deepening understanding of Indigenous history, worldviews, and ways of knowing.” These words are the affirmation that our district has committed to in our current strategic plan. As the year draws to a close, we take some time to reflect on the ways in which we work and play together in a positive, respectful, caring and safe environment.
This year, our board developed an ad hoc committee with the terms of reference stating,” The committee shall develop a policy outlining the board’s commitment to creating a safe, welcoming, respectful, inclusive and affirming environment for all individuals. This policy will enable the board to create and promote a vision among our students, staff and community that expects equity, inclusion and an affirmation of anti-racism.” We are happy to say that this work has been meaningful to all of us, and we are excited to present it to the board and the public at an upcoming board meeting. We know that as a board, we are responsible for providing an education system that is a safe, welcoming environment free from racism, discrimination, harassment, and violence and that is inclusive and affirming for all students, staff and community members. We strive to do this in our schools and with each other – daily!
We can all take our own affirmations, whatever they may be. They are statements that we create in order to challenge and overcome negative thoughts. By choosing affirmations for ourselves, our lives become less stressful, brighter and forward moving. By speaking our own affirmations to ourselves, our family and our friends, we can become more positive and show kindness for all. Take some time over the holidays to decide upon the affirmations that mean the most to you – the words that will lift you up! They can be commitments to beliefs and ways of knowing, statements, things that make you happy, goals or things that you tell yourself or your children when you start your day. Simple words said aloud often have the biggest impact, especially when we base them around kindness. By being kind to ourselves and others, we can open up so many possibilities and turn around even the worst of days. I will be present in every moment, I will be kind, I am enough, You are so beautiful, Today is a great day! These are some of the simplest ones and ones that will make anyone smile.
As the year ends, commit to these chosen affirmations daily. Share them with people around you. We could all use some positive affirmations. As Maya Angelou once said, “Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” This has been a hard year, but together we are strong, we are brave, we are kind, we are School District 46.

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