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‘Tower gardens’ a growing sensation

‘Tower gardens’ a growing sensation

Just about any day is harvest time at Jes Urban Farms, which grows greens in “tower gardens” inside a greenhouse at Persephone brewery just outside Gibsons. Collecting the greens is co-owner Sharon Almeida and friend Mark Tervis. Almeida and her partner Troy Edwards are growing greens in 10 towers, harvesting the plants with their roots and selling the plants for $2 each. It’s called “aeroponic” growing: they start with seeds that are sprouted and then inserted into a cube of rock wool in the tower, where water with nutrients is pumped to the top and cascades down, under LED lights that are on about 18 hours a day. A plant is ready to harvest in about four weeks. They held an open house Jan. 14 and will have another one Jan. 21, noon-4pm. Donna McMahon photo

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