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Trail Avenue work resumes

Trail Avenue work resumes

Road and storm sewer work on Trail Avenue in Sechelt resumed on March 10. 

On Feb. 7, possible artifacts were discovered which resulted in a halt to all work on the Trail Avenue realignment and construction project. Soil from test pits in the construction zone was removed and the consultant, In Situ Archaeological Consulting, screened the soil and released the area for continued construction. The west side of Trail Avenue between Anchor and Pebble Crescent has been cleared for road works. Construction of the storm infrastructure in this area has resumed, and the ditches will be stripped and infilled with road base material for the rest of this week.

Additional mechanical testing will likely be conducted between Pebbles and Cowrie, and the results will inform how much additional archaeological work will be necessary. 

Any artifacts are repatriated back to the Sechelt Nation at the tems swiya Museum.

Most of downtown Sechelt has been designated as an archeologically sensitive site by the Province.  The District of Sechelt works with an archaeological consultant on all works in the all sensitive sites in Sechelt before digging. 


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