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Training important for your dogs safety

Training important for your dogs safety

It can be frustrating for owners if their dog does not always return to them when the dog is asked to. If a dog is not returning reliably, it can be dangerous for the dog, and the dog should not be off-leash until they have had enough training for their response to be reliable.
A dog may not come when asked to for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the dog has had a name change and does not recognize his new name. Sometimes the owner gets sterner and more impatient when the dog does not respond to the call immediately and, understandably, the dog does not want to come closer to the owner. Maybe the dog has not been rewarded for coming when asked in the past or has been called away from something he really enjoys, like playing with another dog.
Whether you have a pup or an adult dog who does not always come back when called, here are some tips to get you both back on track!
Prepare by having rewards ready. Purchase or make a longline and identify locations without many distractions you can use for initial training. Establish and maintain a great relationship with your dog. Your dog is learning all the time so set things up in every area of the dog’s life so your dog is unlikely to make mistakes and understands what you would like him to do. Make it a habit to reward behaviours you would like your dog to repeat until they become a habit.
Manage your dog, so he does not have the opportunity to run off and ignore your calls. This means using a long line.
In a safe enclosed area, let your dog drag his leash or longline and reward him every time he approaches you. Move quickly away from your dog and reward him for
following you.
Once your dog is reliably approaching you and coming when called in the safe area, take him on his longline to a quiet area with one or two distractions and practice there until he is ignoring the distractions and coming when asked each time. Then try another area with one or two distractions. And then another area.
The training takes time, especially if the dog has been out of the habit of coming when asked in the past, but pretty soon, you will see results.
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