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Trouble sleeping?

Trouble sleeping?

Sleep. We all do it. Yet some have difficulty. Not only do we feel groggy and irritable after a wakeful night, our bodies need deep rest to preserve natural immunity.

Insomnia and sleep hygiene: those are the topics pharmacist and Ayurvedic educator Elizabeth Innes and Yoga Nidra (a sleep-based meditation technique) facilitator Brenda Young will tackle at an info session and sleep experience July 12 at Blissful Yoga, 5654 Dolphin St., Sechelt, from 7-9 pm for a $10 donation.

Whether it’s a full moon, an unsettled workday or a busy mind, Innes and Young say most of us are not getting quality sleep. “Insomnia is now as common as the cold,” says Young. “I’ve suffered from it myself including sleep apnea attacks, and Yoga Nidra practice has made the difference.”

Innes says we need deep restorative rest going through all the cycles of sleep otherwise the healing and balancing of our physiology does not happen. Our body’s innate healing system follows a circadian rhythm or 24 hour clock.  Ayurved can actually tell which of your “doshas” or energies is out of balance by what time of the night you wake up.

Everyone is welcome who wants a deep restorative sleep experience. In just 45 minutes of gentle guidance with Yoga Nidra you will be lead to a restful state equivalent to 3.5 hours of sleep.


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