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‘University One’ to start for indigenous students

‘University One’ to start for indigenous students

Designed for students of Aboriginal, Métis and Inuit ancestry who want to pursue post-secondary education, University One for Aboriginal Learners kicks off at Capilano University in September 2018 and is accepting applications now. University One will run at CapU’s North Vancouver campus. The Sunshine Coast campus will start a prep year with Sechelt Nation students in September 2018. Students in the prep year are expected to progress to University One, which is to start at the Sunshine Coast campus in September 2019.

University One for Aboriginal Learners will prime students for long-term academic success. After completing the eight-month program, twelve 100-level credits may be used towards degree, diploma and certificate programs at Capilano University. Indigenous students will benefit from the shared experience and support of their classmates as they move through University One in a small group. Aboriginal Elders will provide encouragement, tutors will provide subject-specific guidance and courses will include Indigenous storytellers, guest speakers and field trips.

Capilano University First Nations advisor David Kirk has seen how Aboriginal students can struggle with distinctive challenges at university.

“University One will provide a supportive learning environment and include Aboriginal role models to help students feel comfortable, supported and inspired,” he says.

Capilano University has worked for years to welcome Indigenous students and ensure their success. University One is just one facet of the University’s ongoing commitment to enhancing Aboriginal learning.


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