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Vaccine bookings

Vaccine bookings

I don’t understand all the complaints about wait-times to make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine.

We are stuck at home, so what’s the big deal of holding the phone in your hand? It sounds like these impatient callers expect hundreds of workers to sit by the phone just waiting for it to ring.

Anyhow, I qualify for the second round of vaccines but decided to wait until 6:45pm to dial the number. A recording said press one to talk to a human. I did, and within a few seconds, a man answered. Five minutes later, I hang up with a time and place to get my vaccine. At last, I can hug my kids and grandkids – whether they want to or not.

Thank you to the many workers who devote their lives to keep us safe.

Jennie Tschoban, Gibsons

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