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Value will plummet

Value will plummet

(Addressed to Gibsons council and copied to the Local)

I am writing to request you reject the application to rezone 464 Eaglecrest Drive from single family residential.

My home at 831 Oceanmount Blvd. borders the North side of the proposed development and like our neighbours, my family is very concerned that the proposed zoning amendment will destroy the fabric of our community.

For my family, the developer’s proposal means five and six-storey buildings looming over our one-storey house with sight lines into our bedroom, living room, BBQ patio, yards and driveway. The same is true for our neighbours.  We will all be victims of light, noise and smell pollution far greater than a single-family-unit community should experience.

Our property value will plummet due to encroachment, lost view and having the closest proximity to high density. This proposal transfers wealth from me and surrounding home owners to the developer. The development’s taxes to the Town will be offset by lower taxes from eroded property values in upper and lower Gibsons. I believe the town has a fiduciary and moral responsibility to ensure its decisions don’t reduce its citizen’s property values.

The developer justifies the increased density based on the development leaving 56 per cent of the 4.77 acres green. The green space is to increase the sale value of the condominiums. It does not benefit the displaced wildlife or the people of Gibsons who will not be welcome.

The proposed condominiums are clearly too expensive for local residents and rezoning is primarily for the developer to maximize sales revenue from off-Coast purchasers. In fact, the developer’s web site says “Eagle View Heights is an exclusive development of fine condominiums”.

Bill and Julia Campbell, 


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