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Venom got the votes

Venom got the votes

Mayor-elect Bruce Milne was just interviewed on Coast radio. He said that he was glad Sechelt was returning to “community values”. Well, students at Chatelech, listen up. Mr. Milne has just provided you with a valuable life lesson. Adults and teachers will tell you not to bully because you are being taught good solid values. However, clearly they have been lying to you.

Bullying works and you saw it work in this election. You saw the portapotty on the truck with stickers aimed at defaming one person, Mayor Henderson. You saw the full page ads in newspapers libeling Mayor Henderson via something called Third Person Advertising, which was really just an excuse for supporters of Mr. Milne who had lots of money to spew venom. As George Orwell said, “Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket”.

It’s clear that community values include bullying and calling names even though you have been taught that this shouldn’t be the case. I’m very glad you are getting this lesson because it will be invaluable in your own school elections, as well as after graduation, so that you can be good citizens. So get a good job, kids, because if you have the money, you can bully anyone you like and get away with it.

Laura Davis, Sechelt

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