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Volunteers make vibrant communities

Our communities, and their capacity to generate relief or good times, is most often thanks to volunteers who dare to get involved in local projects and events, and who pitch in hours of planning, elbow grease and know-how to worthwhile events, services and projects.

Without volunteers we would not have nearly the quality of life here that we enjoy, and we could kiss goodbye to our festivals, land and sea races, and other activities that keep our Sunshine Coast communities vibrant.

Locally one can choose from a number of causes and groups that need our helping hands, brains and enthusiasm.

One such organization is the food bank. A Coast Food Bank worker said there are 25 regular volunteers doing various essential tasks for their cause, and who donate anywhere from one to five hours a week.

“We couldn’t operate without volunteers,” Food Bank coordinator, Dale Sankie said, “They are here seven days a week ensuring that food donations are picked up, sorted and distributed.”

One of these helpers has had a long-time affinity for helping non-profit groups.

“I was a volunteer fire-fighter for twenty years,” Lynn Morgan explained, “so volunteering is part of what I like to do as part of giving back to the community.”

Newly replanted on the Sunshine Coast in 2012, she gives four hours a week to the food bank and another six hours of service per week to the Community Treasures thrift store in Gibsons.

“I have met some wonderful people, and it certainly enriches ones life,” Morgan noted. She added that the food bank and thrift store can always use more helpers.

The Sunshine Coast Community Services Society runs an important hub for matching volunteers with groups that need volunteers, notes SC Volunteer Centre Manager, Naomi Fleschhut.

“We provide a service to community groups in helping them advertise for and recruit volunteers,” she noted.

One place you can visit them is at the Seaside Centre building (shared with the visitor centre) from 10-4 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Fleschhut said to watch for workshops sponsored by the Centre, including one this fall on how technology can help bring volunteers and organizations together.

And we are more the richer; especially when we get involved, when we make connections by getting out in our communities, and “pay it forward” to reap the collective rewards. The SCCSS volunteer website is www.scvolunteer. com and info on volunteering at the food bank is available by e-mail at or by phone at 605-885-5881.

Apryl Veld, Editor

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