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Vote-splitting charge disrespectful

While I was in downtown Sechelt today a pick-up truck passed me with a large sign for mayoral candidate Bruce Milne that said, “don’t split the vote – a vote for Younghusband is a vote for Henderson”. I was dumbfounded by the arrogance shown by this statement.

In the first place, a vote for Ms. Younghusband is not a vote for Henderson – it is a vote for Ms. Younghusband and respect should be shown for the voter who makes that choice. Obviously the Milne camp thinks that the electorate is not capable of drawing its own conclusions as to the possible consequences of their decision.

In the second place this shows incredible disrespect for a candidate that has put her name forward in the genuine belief that she has something to offer the voters of Sechelt. Anyone who offers to serve their fellow citizens deserves our respect and deep felt thanks and not cast aside as an obstacle and irrelevant.

It is a sad reflection on the state of our democracy when bullying tactics and smear campaigns that we have seen in this campaign become the norm – a lesson that seems to have been learned from our Federal politics. I think that “integrity” which is part of the Milne campaign slogan is looking a little tarnished.

Brian W. Smith, Halfmoon Bay


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