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Wallace and Gromit, The Brothers at Winegarden Park Sunday

Wallace and Gromit, The Brothers at Winegarden Park Sunday

In the middle of the Labour Day weekend, Gibsons film buffs have teamed up with Music in the Landing to produce a great night of music and light-hearted movies with Starlight Film Night on Sunday night.

Music fans will be rocking to The Brothers from 7 to 8 pm and then as is tradition, a Beachcombers episode, “The Candidate,” will be shown around 8:30.

“It’s kind of appropriate for this year, (being a civic election in the fall,) said Clint Budd from the Starlight crew.

Then folks can mingle and enjoy the intermission with homemade popcorn for sale and get a “lawn prize” ticket for great donated gifts from local merchants.

Then the main attraction will start, two films featuring Wallace and Gromit, Claymation comedy heroes: an inventor and his dog who build unorthodox projects and go on adventures together.

Admission by donation, bring a chair, blanket and a flashlight to Winegarden Park in Gibsons Landing.

Apryl Veld

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