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Want to golf

Want to golf

Addressed to the Sunshine Coast Golf Club, Roberts Creek, and copied to the

I am writing to ask the board to reconsider its decision to close the course. In the midst of this worldwide crisis the easy option is to simply shut down but a golf course is ideally suited to provide a place for people to continue to get outside, get exercise and to socialize while maintaining appropriate distance.
We played there the other day and applauded your creative thinking in removing rakes, and raising the cups by an inch or so to eliminate the need for players to put their hand into the hole to retrieve their ball. Additionally, green fees can be paid online and proof of payment can be shown through a “window” if necessary at the pro shop. No physical contact is required and there is no reason for anyone not to apply social distancing whilst playing.
Golf courses are NOT places of mass gatherings…quite the opposite …they are huge tracts of land where people can easily stay well apart.
By closing the course you are missing out on the opportunity to contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of the community over the coming months as we all go through an exceedingly stressful time.
As an aside you are also missing out on a golden opportunity to promote the sport itself as other places (rec centres etc.) have to close as they are indeed places that have mass gatherings in a closed environment.
Charles Bristow, Gibsons

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