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Watch for deer – Rutting season is here

Watch for deer – Rutting season is here

Drivers are advised to be watchful of deer, elk and moose while travelling along roads and highways throughout BC, as rutting season increases these animals’ activity.
Rutting season is the annual mating time for deer, elk and moose. It occurs from late October to December, with the most activity seen in mid-November. During the rut, male deer show increased interest in female deer, as well as increased aggression toward other male deer, often causing animals to move quickly with little regard for their surroundings.
As this season poses an increased risk for deer-vehicle collisions, travellers on BC highways are reminded to pay extra attention, especially when driving at dusk, dawn and night hours when these animals are most active.
According to ICBC, on average, there are 11,000 animal-involved collisions in the province each year.

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