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Weeds & Mary Jane’s: Welcome to a new paradigm

Weeds & Mary Jane’s: Welcome to a new paradigm

Health care is evolving and we are moving towards a new understanding of how we are ourselves becoming the most important part of our own personal health care. This approach takes us from solely depending on doctors, specialists and pharmaceuticals to working with them; learning more about what is going on in our bodies and experimenting with ways to improve our health. The internet and an increasing number of health care products and services being offered are paving the way for a new personal health self-care approach. Two burgeoning tools available for health care/self care are in place at Weeds & Mary Jane’s: cannabidiol (“CBD”) and super food supplements.

As with all developing paradigms, there will be a lot of skeptics, and rightly so. Everybody should be attentive about what they do to and put into their body. Weeds & Mary Jane’s door is wide open to discuss your health issues, the new super food supplements, and the use of CBD as a tool in rebuilding your internal health system.

There is a lot of misinformation about CBD on the market as people and governments decide what is allowable. Weeds & Mary Jane’s are compliant with all current business rules and regulations and will continue to be of service as the Government restructures the CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) legislation.

Cannabis sativa (marijiuana) is a plant. CBD and THC are two of the compounds that chemically make up cannabis. THC is the main psychoactive (the “high” inducing component) cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant while CBD is not a psychoactive. Although the legalities of the use of the cannabis plant is at the forefront of discussions right now, cannabis has been mentioned throughout history and has been used as a natural health care remedy for many common ailments for thousands of years.

What Robin and his team want to concentrate on is being here to help guide you through the confusion of our improved access to CBD for health care and move you toward vitality. Weeds & Mary Jane’s store is a conduit for people to come in and share their stories of regenerating their health and experimenting with super food supplements and CBD. Robin believes in self care through education and experimentation. He wants to encourage people to research and discover complementary ways to help them fight the ailments that they face in creating a healthy body system. He is motivated by his own experience of being misdiagnosed and facing years of unnecessary hardship before he helped himself move from struggling and failing to strengthening and thriving. He also is able to talk to many of your fellow Coasters as to how they are using CBD and super food supplements to re-establish a thriving body and lifestyle. He wants to share all this with you hoping that if you are struggling, you reach out, and choose to help yourself and work with your body to make it stronger.

Robin is committed not only to products but attracting quality people and expertise. Rosemarie Pierce, BSc. Pharmacology, is the holistic pharmacist on retainer and spends her time setting up stores, training staff, staying up-to-date on research, and making sure the store is finding the best sources for quality products. Rory Elliot is a holistic health consultant. Robin is available for appointments to discuss the use of CBD as a tool to help relieve the body of “disease” and its related symptoms. You can make appoints with either to help guide you through which products are best for what ails you.

As this paradigm shift is happening within our healthcare/self-care system, let’s make sure we understand the difference between government, business, and our personal struggles to bring our bodies back to health. Education and an open mind will benefit all. Our doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals have been serving us through the years, however, this healthcare system is becoming more and more taxed and may not be as available to those in need as it once was.

For people suffering with “disease”, Robin, wants to be able to provide alternative choices to help them repair and support the daily damage that our bodies experience in living and aging., 5536 Wharf Avenue, Sechelt, 604-885-0191

– Natalie Findlay

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