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Weekly horoscope December 18 – 24

Weekly horoscope December 18 – 24

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Christmas is just 1 week away. This time of celebration is linked to Winter Solstice which marks the beginning of the ‘natural New Year’ which can also be described as the mark of a new round of seasons. As well, this turning point can be described as a new cycle of the Sun’s light on our planet and this specifically is what Western Astrology is based upon. This time-honored event actually reaches as far back to the very inception of solar calendars which go back thousands of years and is shared cross culturally and internationally.

That this time of cyclic renewal has become a time of giving gifts is linked to the story of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth and the story of the 3 Wise Men who, as the story goes, having observed the rare ‘signs’ in the heavens, travelled far distances bearing gifts in praise and honor of this sacred event.

Some scholars and historians have challenged the details of this story quite significantly. Also, the commercialization of this ‘spiritual’ event does have its share of pitfalls.

Yet there is something very special, magical even, in this darkest time of the year up here in the Northern Hemisphere and the exchanging of gifts, feasting and merry making also has its many merits as it evokes a spirit of love and selflessness in the hearts of people the world over.

Aries (Mar 21–Apr 20)

You have begun to see the truth of matters more clearly. This is also activating you to pay closer attention to the details. Your focus will become even sharper this week. While you want to be diplomatic, an emerging aspect between Mercury and Mars could lead to debates and even arguments. While it may not exactly be ‘battle stations’, you are on full alert.

Taurus (Apr 20–May 21)

The past few weeks have likely coincided with some deep and powerful shifts and changes, some outer, some inner. Positively, circumstances are inviting you to lay claim to your creative gifts. This invitation might otherwise feel like a big push. Relationships dynamics are featured and the indication is that you have to work hard to achieve grace under pressure.

Gemini (May 21–Jun 21)

New and important relationships have begun and are demanding your full commitment. With your confidences on a steady rise you feel increasingly able to answer this call. You are willing to give more but you also want to be supported. Although ‘is the season’, you may feel challenged to let loose and have fun, even though you might like to. This is a call to play hard.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 22)

You have entered into an important period of learning. There will be a variety of fronts to attend to. Learning new health philosophies and strategies is likely. Generally right now you are in a cycle requiring you to dig deep. This may include deep cleaning and even renovations. While attending to your home is quite possible, this focus may be directed to psychological states and attitudes.

Leo (Jul 22–Aug 23)

You are in a creative and inspired mood. You do have work to do and may feel a bit intimidated. Yet a plan is beginning to unfold. While your energy levels may be up and down, there should be peaks you can act upon. Creating a more beautiful home environment matches the time of year yet runs even deeper than the season. Let the creativity flow.

Virgo (Aug 23–Sep 22)

There is likely a lot shaking in your world. On one hand you are in the mood to expand and increase while on the other you may feel restricted and perhaps unconfident.  Yet your ambitions have been activated you and your wheels are turning. Your quest for new strategies and approaches will bring results soon.

Libra (Sep 22–Oct 22)

You have entered into an important learning curve. It may even be traced back a year or so. Yet, it has been reactivated again. Feeling confident about it all may require extra effort and patience. With a money carrot dangling in front of you however, your ambitions are running high. Supported by a pioneering spirit to prevail, you feel strong.

Scorpio (Oct 22–Nov 21)

Some big dreams have been activated by this recent New Moon. These will come more fully to light as the week progresses. Sharing your passions with others feels easier than usual. Yet there is reason to say some lingering doubts in the back of your mind must be overcome. Fortunately there is also the indication that you have the hidden strengths to prevail.

Sagittarius (Nov 21–Dec 21)

A whole new level of enthusiasm and determination is on the rise. Aspirations to realize dreams and goals that have been gestating for a long time are highlighted. You are focused to establish a whole new level of power that has perhaps eluded you these past few years. With the recent New Moon in your sign, now is the time to initiate your next set of momentums.

Capricorn (Dec 21–Jan 19)

Your imagination is stirring. A philosophical mood lingers and many thoughts are running through your mind. While you are eager to express your power, you may feel the need for new tools and strategies. Some friends are there to support you now yet their advice may not be so easy to take. Questions about what constitutes true friendship is woven into this plot.

Aquarius (Jan 19–Feb 19)

You have begun to see yourself and the world and in the world in new ways. You have perhaps been aware of these perspectives for a long time but now they are taking root. As returns for past efforts steadily flow in, you have reason to feel optimistic. Yet, you remain determined to obtain new tools and skills. Even so, you may not have the focus but you will in a couple of weeks.

Pisces (Feb 19–Mar 20)

The seeds of new beginnings in your public and/or professional life have been sown. These are now in their gestation phase. The signs of these new developments should be evident by now. You may feel an extra weight of responsibility to respond. Fortunately your passions are on the rise. Ideally you are open to the possibilities. The time is right to shop around for promising leads.

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