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Weekly horoscope November 25 – December 1

Weekly horoscope November 25 – December 1

michael oconnor horoscopeAries (Mar 21–Apr 20)

You are determined to achieve a new level and quality of balance in your life. This includes expanding your social outreach. To achieve your objectives, you may feel the need to take a revolutionary approach. Doing so implies a clean break from existing rhythms and patterns in your lifestyle.

Taurus (Apr 20–May 21)

Who has what you want and need and how are you going to meet your goals? These and other such questions are on your mind. An active search for answers is indicated in the current planetary alignment. A steady flow of change both within and without in your world continues. To think you might have resisted it.

Gemini (May 21–Jun 21)

An exciting creative cycle has begun. It could simply manifest as an urge to socialize and play. Yet deeper desires are lingering as well. This could prove to produce a complex weave of emotions. Psychological and spiritual themes of healing are likely. You want answers and are determined to take action to get some.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 22)

A focus to consolidate things and create more beauty close to home is important now. This may well involve relationships with or that include family members. Knowing how to best proceed may remain unclear. You need answers, wise guidance and tools and now. Patience may not be your strong point these days.

Leo (Jul 22–Aug 23)

The Sun in Sagittarius is your cue to dive into your creativity. You may have a lot on the go or on your list. Multi-tasking may work but the danger of a collection of incompletes is what you must focus to overcome. All being well, you can have several activities on the go and enjoy doing the rounds.

Virgo (Aug 23–Sep 22)

Financial ambitions, interests and perhaps concerns are motivating your focus. Getting centered and preferring not to be distracted is a priority. The time has come for a new level of creative and strategic thinking, planning and action. If fears are blocking you, producing blocks and procrastination, just begin then persevere.

Libra (Sep 22–Oct 22)

You are in a philosophical mood. Stimulating new perceptions feels important, even necessary. You want to experience inner peace and see beauty more fully again. Circumstances have perhaps produced blocks in this regard these past months. Receptivity to new knowledge will help.

Scorpio (Oct 22–Nov 21)

Deciphering your worth and priorities is now in focus. What are your strengths and talents? How can you best leverage these to get attention and perhaps healthy returns? Your confidence levels could be waving a bit in this regard. You may have to dig a little deeper into your cache of faith and optimism.

Sagittarius (Nov 21–Dec 21)

The time has come to enter new territory. Pioneering leads and initiatives supported by inspirations to meet new people are likely. Simply gaining exposure to innovative ideas could suffice. Yet, you want to advance and or to explore your options. Financial ambitions are part of your motivation.

Capricorn (Dec 21–Jan 19)

Stepping back to retreat and reflect for a while is likely now and over the coming weeks. Strategic thinking and delegation are in alignment with this pace. You may still get a lot done, perhaps even more from this place of calm centeredness. Decipher what is working and what is not and adapt.

Aquarius (Jan 19–Feb 19)

Reaching out to engage new people and investigate prospects is likely now. You are excited to explore what else is possible. Yet, you may have to confront some inner doubts. The more deliberate and determined you are to do so, the better. Review beliefs, interpretations and self-concepts to identify any limitations in your own thinking process.

Pisces (Feb 19–Mar 20

Taking new leads in your public and professional life is important now. This includes making key contacts with friends and professional allies. The more engaged you are with others, the better. Doing so will serve to support your focus. Be accountable to your dreams and the network of people you have chosen to realize them.

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