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Bravo Zulu. If you follow any of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCMSAR) stations or other maritime services such as the Canadian Coast Guard or Navy, you may have heard this term or seen it in the comments. Bravo Zulu or “BZ” is an international naval signal meaning “well done” when referencing actions, operations, and performance. It is part of a system of signals displayed by either a flag hoist or voice radio to communicate and relay messages back and forth between various naval vessels. While the use of flags is no longer common on small rescue craft, a verbal or written Bravo Zulu is always appreciated by our crews.
Today, we would like to extend heartfelt Bravo Zulus to everyone who contributed to the search and rescue community on the Sunshine Coast in 2020.
To all our amazing donors and supporters: your hard work and generosity ensure that our SAR members on land and sea are provided with the best equipment and training possible to keep them safe while assisting those in need. Thank you for recognizing the need and importance of volunteer SAR services and dedicating funds to our efforts. From individual donors to community foundations and all levels of government, every dollar raised deserves acknowledgement for a job well done.
To our fundraising societies and members: thank you for all your hard work ensuring grant applications and reports are successfully submitted and for looking for creative fundraising activities during this challenging year.
To all the outdoor enthusiasts by land and sea: your planning, preparedness, and willingness to help others often means an incident is avoided altogether or mitigated before a SAR crew can arrive on scene. Thank you for doing all you can to keep yourselves safe, for lending assistance to others, and for calling for help when you need it.
To our duty crew members and their supporters: for all the days spent on call, all the hours participating in training and maintenance, and all the administrative and other tasks that keep our stations and members ready to respond, Bravo Zulu. Every minute of your dedication is inspiring and contributes to each life saved and person assisted. To our support crew, the family and friends that stand beside us, cheer us on and make sacrifices of their own to help us in our mission, thank you, we couldn’t do it without you.

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