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When will the education system change?

In the 21st Century, our knowledge of the developing brain has increased enormously.  And yet, in schools and in how we train teachers, this new understanding is largely unknown and ignored. Particularly in the development of social skills and emotional health, there are still some classrooms today that look much as they did half a century ago: seriously behind the times.

Educational leader and consultant Mike McKay will speak Sept. 22 about how current scientific knowledge could change our school system. Photo submitted

When will what we know change how we educate our children? This is the topic of the free annual Clifford Smith Memorial Lecture presented by Sunshine Coast ElderCollege, Saturday, Sept. 22, at Chatelech Secondary in Sechelt, 2-4pm.

Mike McKay, educator, is the speaker and is sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Credit Union and School District 46. This is a free lecture and is open to everyone.

McKay’s belief in “every child, every chance, every day,” comes from a passion about the difference that can be made through quality early childhood education.  In addition to sharing the learning that emerges through the intersection of neuroscience and social-emotional health, McKay is also active nationally and internationally as a resource person on system improvement, early childhood and school culture and capacity building for individuals and groups.

McKay retired in 2013, after 35 years as an influential educational leader throughout the province.  He now serves as a consultant, speaker and director of the Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative (see, focused on creating environments where children thrive.

Sunshine Coast ElderCollege is a community of people aged 55 plus with a zest for learning and exploring life as we continue to broaden our horizons.  Our volunteer experts offer a wealth of valuable courses, free events and activities throughout the year to the Sunshine Coast Community.  Submitted

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