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Where were the plows?

Where were the plows?

(Addressed to Capilano Highways, various government leaders, and copied to the Local)

I am sure the recent snow storm affected many people in BC.  Here in Pender Harbour the consequences were unacceptable.  The maintenance of our highways and side streets was abysmal; snow removal was almost nonexistent.  

My own road was finally plowed the night of the big melt.  Up to that time, many residents were trapped in their homes.  An ambulance and firetruck were unable to get up the Harbourview hill to attend to a medical emergency.  That resulted in the necessity to walk the patient down to a lower road.  That is totally unacceptable.

I was told that the highway company ran out of sand/salt.  If that is correct, how is that possible?  This was our first snowfall of the season.  Were they not prepared?  Do we accept the low bid on maintenance and as a result the company has no room to maintain when things get bad?

We keep hearing that the cost to ICBC is constantly increasing as a result of accidents and as a result our rates keep going up.  We had vehicles in the ditches all over the Pender Harbour.  Maybe if the roads were maintained properly the accidents would decrease to the extent that additional maintenance could be paid for.

It’s time to fix the problem so it does not occur again.  We seem to be able to subsidize big business.  Maybe it’s time to subsidize the things that affect the average citizen.

Ted Taylor,

Madeira Park

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