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Whole in one

Whole in one

(Re “Want to golf”, letters, the Local, March 26)
Apparently, with the constant bombardment from the World Health Organization, federal and provincial leaders, top world health officials, and Canadian health experts, who keep insisting that we stay home…it is not sinking in for some on the Sunshine Coast.
So many people around the globe and across this country are taking the necessary measures to stem the tide of coronavirus to flatten the curve of this pandemic. Think of how our frontline workers continue to put themselves at risk to provide care or services that we need. This is so we can self-isolate and remain safe. Every one of them, no matter what role they play are key to winning the world war on this virus.
We are all in this together and we all must stay at home. Not doing so allows cracks in the shield against this enemy. Failing to follow this effort will have a negative domino effect in the opposite direction that we are trying to go. Most people are on board.
This is not the time to satisfy one’s own recreational pleasures and regular routine.
Change your focus from chasing a little white ball on the fairway or greens, and put a new meaning to a hole (whole) in one and band together to be part of the solution to ending this COVID-19 killer. If it’s exercise you’re looking for, walk with a golf buddy using safe distancing measures or volunteer in the community to fight this war.
Allan Reid, Gibsons

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