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Young sing of love to seniors

Young sing of love to seniors

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Students from École du Pacifique serenade seniors at Shorncliffe in French, a new Valentine’s “tradition.” Rik Jespersen photo


As Valentine’s Day approached, the staff at École due Pacifique looked for new ideas to express love and gratitude.

We felt that the typical way of sending out Valentine messages needed to change. Aside from the fact that, as teachers, we have to deal with the inequality of the distribution of cards, there is also the question of meaning in the process. It is no longer about expressing your love or friendship for a specific person but is more a futile exchange of paper, which inevitably ends up in the recycling.

So, with that in mind, we decided to focus on our little community of Sechelt and to reach out to those who my not receive much in the way of recognition or reminders that they are important and loved. We decided to visit the Shorncliffe Senior’s Residence. We prepared a concert and each child made a flower out of paper to give to his/her new friend.

On Friday, Feb. 12, the entire school (76 students) made its way to the residence and sang seven songs of love in French. Residents were smiling, applauding, singing along and even shedding a few tears. The kids walked around and handed out their flowers. Little conversations sparked up between residents and students. Everyone was smiling. Finally, we were treated to a snack they had made for us: cupcakes and juice. We said our goodbyes but not before promising that we will visit again soon and for sure next year for Valentine’s day.

A new tradition has begun. Submitted


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